A Year In A Review

This week marks a year that I have been at Teknision Inc.. A year ago I was driving across Canada in my little silver bug, laptop in tow, packed full, trying to make the drive in 2.5 days as I was a bit late heading out. Teknision and I had a bit of history I suppose – the connection is simple – when I was in college, Tony MacDonell was my flash instructor. He was more enthusiatic than organized at that point, it being his first teaching endeavour, and his love of Flash was entirely contagious. Mind you I couldn’t have cared about Flash – I was mad about Director, spending his class where I was supposed to be working on targeting nested timelines doing Imaging Lingo. I left college to work only with Director for 2 years before rediscovering Flash.

I remember thinking-I hope one day I am as good as Tony. Not good as in code per say, alto that would be nice but good as in ingenuity.I still use it as a basis of excellence to attain. Admittedly my main draw to coming to Teknision was to work with the person who was my source of inspiration – but having been here for a year, I can honestly say I am damn fortunate to work with the talented, creative and driven people that I do. I’m constantly wishing there were more hours in the day to execute the ideas that get thrown out there in the course of a day.

I’ve been here a year but I still miss Alberta. Our EFUG was pretty active and there was a tight community there – some of the top developers/designers who are incredibly gracious with their time & knowledge and are generally just solid people ( Devbox, Philter, Chew, gMan ). Ottawa mirrors that in some ways- there are some great developers in the city – and some amazing design talent putting out some really solid work. It makes me proud to be a part of that.

A year already. What will next year hold besides posts bashing jDura’s Dallas Stars for entertainment?