Director Features I long for

So, if Director is going to be thrown to the wayside and kicked to the curb like a sad little stray – it would be nice to steal some of those little features that made and makes Director a great product. Sad part of this, is that most of you haven’t used Director extensively but more or less as a subset for your Flash development, not as a the primary tool. Here are a couple of small things I miss and would love to see in Flash.

  1. Message Window.
    Okay, so it would bulk up Flash a bit and it would come with its costs and yadda yadda. But I really miss the message window. Imagine not having to start a new fla just to test a three line bit of code to see if it would work. Imagine creating your objects and running their handlers all in the message window- I absolutely loved this about Director. And of course there are a multitude of reasons why it isn’t in Flash. I’m just saying I really miss it and those who have used Director, you cannot possibly feel the same way.

2.Search all scripts by handler.
Maybe Flash has this. Maybe someone built an extension. I don’t know. But in Director you can search all scripts associated and used in the movie by method name, returning the script and line number. How many times do you have to work with someone else’s code and you spend so much time following the bootstrapping to find out where that method is defined.

  1. Additional Text functionality
    Well, they are considered Fields in Director. But I’d like to see things like mouseChar, mouseItem, mouseLine, mouseWord. These return what items/index the cursor is over when its over a field/textfield. Just that much more precision.
  2. doubleClick – this is an inherent property in Director. Small but a nice little addition.

Flash 8 really incorporates some of the things I loved most about Director – BitmapData is the new Imaging Lingo. Certainly a great addition.

Anyways those are just but a few, but they certainly are what I miss.