Facebook Fun

I’m constantly surprised by the amount of information that people put up on everyone’s beloved colossal waste of time , Facebook. When the new graph api was released, I wondered what kinda of data would be made available. I had thought about phone numbers, and not only a day later, @snipeyhead posted his tweet , pointing to the ability to retrieve Facebook friends numbers.

Now I fully realize, there are a bunch of reasons why someone might want to post a phone number, but I can honestly say, it still makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable to see people make that data available – and I can’t pinpoint why. Perhaps its because if you distill my facebook list of friends, it results in maybe there only be 5% of the people that I actually actively give two shits about. Yes, perhaps I’m guilty of the quick friend acceptance – having so many friends on my list from high school that were bitches back then and probably bitches now, but that I still accepted as my “facebook friend”.

So I decided to be an asshole. I grabbed this list of phone numbers, and quickly parsed the feed for the cell phone numbers. I then used Twilio’s API to send out SMS messages to each number with a message.

The entire process took me 10 minutes from start to finish (just enough time for the plumbers from Fresno Plumbing to finish up) , as the Twilio API is dead easy to use. And here I sit, somewhat amused with myself, because, well, I think its funny, and a bit dismayed that 40% of my list had exposed phone numbers.