Mtasc-Bitchy But Blazing

I’ve become a fan of MTASC – I’d say its a bit bitchy but blazing fast. I’ve recently been given the task to modify/adapt a codebase for a recent RIA so that it adheres to the stric rules MTASC follows. This means that I have to go through the 100+ files and makes sure they are properly typed – not vaguely ( as in ” lets put object cos that covers most of the bases”), make sure to get rid of variable redefinitions etc. Glamorous job indeed, don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining. It allowed me to become very familiar with the bootstrapping very quickly in a way much more intimately than any other exercise could have possibly afforded.

Now that MTASC is running and its liking everything and Flash is liking everything and they are allowed to go out and play together in the sandbox, I cannot believe the compile time savings. Originally the RIA would take close to 3 .5 minutes on my system, with MTASC its down to 21 seconds. Unfricking real.

Of course we ran into the bound mc issue- we have mc’s bound in the library and attached as needed. So you get the nice little error saying you had to include all these classes. JSFL to the rescue – loop through the library, make a list of classes, pass them in, compile, and serve. I’m loving it. Tony did a write up on the solution implemented on his blog.

And here’s where I falter a bit – I don’t want to leave the Flash IDE. In our shop its not feasible – we don’t create strict RIA’s nor do we do strict creative pieces. At any one time there might be a variety of projects – so leaving the IDE in its entirety won’t happen. Nor do I want to. I don’t find it cumbersome. My one wish would be to have the ability like Director to search by handler 🙂 My only real bitch straight up is the compile time. If there was a reduction in compile time, I’d be less likely to leave the flash IDE. And with the solution Tony developed for MTASC, I now have the best of both worlds- I don’t have to leave the IDE entirely. It makes the workflow between the various elements seamless and efficient. I now have less oompile time to kill – and more time to surf thing things I shouldn’t after compilation.